Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daily Baguette

The daily baguette

This is made from a recipe found on the King Arthur Flour site  (found here) with the exception that I substitute a small portion of the all purpose flour with some whole wheat flour to give it a nuttier flavor and chewier crust. The batch I make is half of what the recipe calls for and for a two person household, that is enough for four baguettes which I just scoop out the necessary dough in the morning from container in fridge, shape and let rise while I'm working. It's my low maintenance way of having fresh bread.


Wait until about 15 minutes before you put bread into oven to slash it. Use a VERY sharp knife or it will just catch the dough and drag.

When preheating oven, place an oven proof container of water in oven to bump up humidity and steam for a better crust. Use at least two cups of water.